Here's what they're saying at Mack Truck!

“The Human Hoist is a very unique product and there’s nothing else out there like it.  Just like there’s nothing else out there like a Mack Truck!.”

Six reasons to consider the Human Hoist powered shop chair as an essential tool for your facility

Modern Ergonomics

When you can't move the work to the worker, Human Hoist moves the worker to the work.

Prevent & Reduce Injury

Human Hoist supports the body and prevents both acute injury as well as long term cumulative trauma to joints and soft tissue.


Workers can work longer before, and return sooner after surgery. Keep highly skilled labor on the job longer.

Disability Management

Human Hoist takes reasonable accommodation to new levels. Injured or recovering employees can be fully productive members of the workforce.

Improved Productivity

It's no secret that being well positioned and comfortable can lead to better work and quicker cycle times.

Lower Workers Comp.

Reduce the likelihood of cumulative trauma injuries that result in disability and workers comp claims!

PPT Human Hoist of Canada

What Some of Our Customers are saying about Human Hoist

"The Human Hoist is a Unique Product, and there's nothing else like it!"

Mack Truck

"With 4 units in the US and 1 in Europe. We've proven that humanhoist is built to last!"

Case New Holland

"There's nothing that runs like a Deere, and there's nothing that helps like the Human Hoist!"

John Deere

"With 9 units in service, the work that the Human Hoist aides us in is invaluable!"

National Nuclear Security Administration

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Happier, Healthier, and More Productive Workers